I want to keep a good record of my weight loss. I have talked to a few people that lost a lot of weight and got in great shape and one regret I have heard is not enough documentation of the journey. I may keep too many pictures and spreadsheets but I would rather have too much than not enough. ūüôā

I have been logging measurements once a month, and pictures every 2 months.¬† I have added some measurements since I started strength training and wish I had earlier measurements… such is life. I like keeping track of this as it shows me how much progress I have made, yet lets me keep in mind how far I still have to go. Somedays it feels like slow going…



15SEP2016, Weight 116 kilo, Waist 50″, Neck 18.5″



03NOV2016, Weight 106 kilo, Waist 46″, Neck 17.5″



I have gotten comments from friends that my chin and cheeks are noticeably smaller. Here is a screengrab from Video #1 and video #10. Videos taken about 10 weeks apart. (24SEP16 and 3DEC16)



10JAN17 Weight 99 kilo, Waist 44.5″, Neck 16.5″
My last pic in the white shorts – they longer fit – Yippee! So I will switch to my Under Armor swim suit. These 2 pics are same day, different shorts. The UA look a lot worse. I like my baggy shorts ha ha

    10jan17a 10jan17-uaa




12MAR2016, Weight 96.8 kilo, Waist 42.5″, Neck 16″


Two pics taken for immigration. Although 1 year apart it was really only 7 months of work. The new me started in September 2016.

Read about it here.


Weight Loss Measurements

Date Weight Waist Neck Hips Thighs Calves Upper Arm
1-Sep-16 116 50 18.5
29-Sep-16 111.7 48 18
7-Oct-16 111.9 47 18
11-Oct-16 109.4
16-Oct-16 109.2
23-Oct-16 108.8
30-Oct-16 107.8
10-Nov-16 106 46 17.5
21-Nov-16 105.3
28-Nov-16 104.4
1-Dec-16 103.9
10-Dec-16 102.8 44.5 17
28-Dec-16 101.1
10-Jan-17 99.7 43.5 16.5 44.5 22 17 14
20-Jan-17 98.2
 12MAR17  96.8  42.5  16  42.5  22  17.5  15
 5APR17  94.1  (4  days  keto  experiment)
Date Weight Waist Neck Hips Thighs Calves Upper Arm
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