I retired to the Philippines back in 2013, at age 49.  While here I *may* have put on a few extra pounds… or 30…  I got here at 108 kilos and got up to 116!  I started my weight loss journey in SEP2016. I am vlogging it on YouTube and decided to blog about it here. I was putting posts on my expat blog but wanted to keep it more for Philippine related items. So this will become my weight loss blog. It is an old abandoned blog (no posts since 2011). I just kept a few of the older posts that I liked and deleted the old junk.

Here are links to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVJhC7qIv9zpokjKLF9UdQmlHhcfOHzZm

and my expat blog: https://expatinphilippines.wordpress.com

Some of my trips (many thanks to the US Navy for their help in traveling)

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