New thing.
I have tracked my blood pressure for about 20 years. It has always been like 122/80.  Borderline high. I started losing weight in Sep and by Nov of last year it dropped to 110/65. Which I thought was pretty cool, and long overdue.

Well the last few days on this keto experiment I have been feeling dizzy.  I took my blood pressure last night, this morning, and again tonight.  All 3 times it was back to 122/80.  Not good.

So I am thinking maybe one more week That will be only a 2 week experiment. I have already determined it is not a long term sustainable thing for me, but I am enjoying the crazy fast weight loss. Two and a half kilos lost in 5 days ain’t too shabby. (5.5 pounds?) Also lost 1.5 inches on my waist this week! I had to go get new holes punched in my belt, that was good.

But I am not happy with the blood pressure.