Well after 4 days of the keto experiment I am down 2 kg. That is 4.4 pounds.  I lost 1.5 inches off my waist in 4 days. In 4 days?  That cannot be healthy.  I am glad to see it – but it is not sustainable.


I am tracking the macros and staying as close as I can.  I have a hard time getting enough fat (65% of my calories are from fat?!).  I am eating more calories than I have been. I have been refraining from calling foods “good” or “bad” but most of what I am eating would be considered bad by many dieters.  Although I am eating lots of leafy greens and squash, I am also eating tons of butter, olive oil, and cheese. We also opt for the fatty pork & beef instead of lean chicken.  I feel stuffed from eating so much but I feel hungry.  My stomach and my mouth are not satisfied.   I am full but have a constant feeling of the munchies.  I am not satiated at all.  I miss my apples.


As I said going into this I cannot see it as a long term plan for me.  Yesterday I got 37 gr of carbs, which is 17 gr over the goal. BUT… it was due to eating 1/2 a cup of refried beans.  We get them rarely here and I ain’t missing a chance. 


So far I can find no fruit that is keto friendly.  There are some keto friendly fruits, but not around here.



Also since my sugar free Tang has 5 gr of carbs per serving… it is a no no.  So I am drinking way too much Coke Zero! I am continuing to drink 2 liters of water a day and still feel parched. It almost feels like I can feel the fat melting off…and I am peeing all day!  (sorry, but it is true)


Not sure how long I will stay on it.  My wife is out of town for 4 or 5 days so I can stay on it easily while she is gone.  She cannot wrap her head around the restrictions. They only have 2 food groups here, carbs & fat. Keto is crazy restrictive on what you cannot eat.  Like I said, it is working very well, but I am not happy on it.  Happy with the results… but not happy following it.


Yesterday they dug up a couple kamote kahoy (cassava) and steamed the roots. They are similar to a sweet potato, kind of. But I could not eat any because one cup has 78 gr of carbs, which is almost 4 days worth of carbs. Also, they picked a bunch of star apples out in the yard. Can’t eat them either. Yeah… keto is not going to be long term for me ha ha


Lunch was at the mall. I got bbq chicken, no sauce. Instead of rice I got a salted egg salad.  Salted egg is a wonderful preserved/fermented egg. You take an egg, traditionally duck but chicken will work, soak it in heavily salted water for 10 days. It is kind of fermented, pickled, I don’t know but preserved. After soaking for 10 days you boil it. Around here they dye them purple so you know it is salted and not a regular egg. Served with cumbers and tomato, usually. This one was duck. The yolks on duck eggs get an almost custard like texture. For some reason chicken does not seem to do that. A lot of the foreigners here don’t eat them. I used the cucumber slices like chips and piled up my own Asian nachos! My wife does not eat eggs so she won’t eat it.

Dinner the other night was fun, though. A pork steak on a bed of summer squash (almost a zucchini), green beans, and some Asian radish w/red wine vinegar, garnished with a spiral cut cucumber.


Day 3 totals: 1,420 Calories

41 gr Carbs

101 gr Fat

90 gr Protein

17 gr Fiber

24 gr Net Carbs (subtract fiber)


Day 4 Totals:  1,604 Calories

57 gr Carbs

117 gr Fat

89 gr Protein

20 gr Fiber

37 gr Net Carbs (subtract fiber)