Only done 2 full days on keto so far and I am not digging it. There is plenty you can eat but it is so restrictive. So certainly not a full time thing for me…

…but… in 2 days I lost 1.5 kg! Crazy. I can almost feel the fat melting ha ha

Breakfast was an omelette with 2 eggs, cheese, mushrooms, bell pepper, cooked in lots of butter. Remember 65% of my calories are supposed to come from fat.

Lunch was a pork steak, green beans, and mashed cauliflower, with butter of course. No potatoes so mashed cauliflower works.

Dinner was quick “chili pie” kind of thing. Ground beef with all the chili spice, but without beans or simmering a sauce for 2 days. So, spicy beef, chopped/steamed cauliflower, homemade salsa, cheese, on a bed of crushed pork rinds (no chips or crackers allowed).

You don’t starve, but it is just too restrictive at 20 gr carbs for the day is not for me. Almost no fruit, no bread, rice, or pasta. I miss my intuitive eating and IIFYM (if it fits your macros). No “good” or “bad” food, just proper amounts. Keto has tons of bad food, and it is all my favorites. But… 1.5 kilos in 2 days ain’t bad.

I miss my apples!


Day 2 totals: 1,954 Calories

46 gr Carbs

142 gr Fat

111 gr Protein

16 gr Fiber

30 gr Net Carbs (subtract fiber)