Ok I may have bad mouthed all the “fad diets” ha ha… but here I am anyway. I have been tracking my macros since Sep 2016 and lost 18 kilos by January 2017. Then I got stuck. Been stuck. Willing to try anything…

I have been tracking macros and doing well with it, but my old macros were pretty easy.
Carbs 150-185 g; (40%)
Fat 50-62 g; (30%)
Protein 112-138 g; (30%)
Calories 1500-1850

Damn, I just realized something. I found dried pinto beans last week – the first ones I have seen in 4 years – and now I can’t eat them? I am a Texan, I need my refried beans. The horror.

I am going to try this out but in all honesty it does not look like something I would be interested in doing for the long haul. Which is why I never tried it before. Looking at some of the foods recommended to stay from reads like my list of favorite foods: Beans such as kidney, pinto, lima, black beans and lentils. Starchy vegetables, such as corn, sweet potatoes, lima beans, peas, and okra. Those are my go to foods, man.

But on the plus side I can go back to using coconut milk. Fresh coconut milk is 500 calories per cup and pretty much all fat.. so I guess it ok? I mean, I don’t use a whole cup in a serving, but for curries it is awesome. (I have never seen canned coconut milk here, and my wife never heard of it). Also, I like avocados, so that is good. I will be making salsa with mine. Here they think that is crazy and they use it for ice cream, which I think is crazy (and horrid).

Speaking of my wife, it will not be a problem that she is not following keto, as we never eat the same meals anyway. I will just have to teach her what is and is not allowed (as I learn it). She lives on canned fish or dried fish, and rice – I could never do that.

These are my proposed macro goals. Seems a bit harsh… we shall see.
Carbs 19-23 g; (5%)
Fat 125-150 g; (75%)
Protein 75-90 g; (20%)
Calories 1500-1800

I don’t want to sound too negative. I really am looking forward to this. But it sure is a big change from my normal diet (even my healthy diet I started last September). I am scouring the internet finding recipes and food ideas. Should be fun. đŸ™‚