The Obstacle Course

I enjoy taking a morning walk, before it gets *too* hot. Every day here, in the Philippines, is 85F. degrees and 85% humidity. It limits most strenuous outdoor activities to early morning or late afternoon. When they say “it is not the heat, it is the humidity”, this is where they are talking about! I decided I would do my 5 Km course this morning. I have a 2.8 Km, and a 3.5 Km route also, so I rotate them according to my mood. I try to keep as much dirt road and shade as possible. The sun is bright, and the cement is uncomfortable. But, being a mostly dirt route, the rains can mess with the conditions a lot.

The monsoon season is supposed to be over – but it is kind of hanging around a little. I will happily take the extra rain, though. Last year we had so little rain that during the dry season everyone’s wells went dry. That ain’t fun! What are we supposed to do, brush our teeth with wine?

Since it rained so crazy hard last night, all night, it was a little soggy this morning for my walk. But that just adds an interesting obstacle course. One of the rice farms has a big wall built along the road, so the rain water cannot escape very well.

Here is the entry way to my obstacle course.


Of course that would be too easy, so as soon as I start into it I run into a man taking his rooster out for a morning stroll.


Then as I exit the walled area, there is an oncoming sikad, with passenger (a bicycle with a sidecar – how fun is that?!).




And if it they are not walking their roosters, they are walking their goats, or sometimes, cows.


Don’t worry it is not all bad. Here is the view at the 2.5 Km point, my turnaround for a 5 K breakfast walk.


Enjoy your day in paradise!