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A little about me…

Thursday, December 08, 2016

A little about me…
First I would like to point I am not bitching and moaning I just have a lot of crap to deal with (don’t we all?).

I was in the Navy from 1987-1993. At some point around 1992 I started having a headache and convulsions. When it first started everyone thought I was having a stroke. Left side of my body loses control, if I try to walk I fall down, can’t talk well, blurry vision, it is like my brain and my body quit communicating… you know the regular fun stuff. The CAT scan, spinal tap , and MRI show nothing, but my brain tells me there is swelling in my head the size of a kumquat. My skull is stretching, not my brain getting pushed in. When it swells to the size of a kiwi or an orange it gets bad. Cantaloupe size is murder! (that is the fall down and twitch time) Any bigger than that and I black out. Yes I know it is not really there, and my skull does not actually stretch but my brain and my nerves are telling me that it is, so as far as pain goes… it is.

I have had a headache since 1992. Yep. One headache. It won’t go away. So every once in a while it pisses me off. 24/7 pain just gets on your nerves after a while (pun intended). Stress, physical or mental, help aggravate the headache, and bring on the convulsions, so not so much exercise has gone on since 1992, but lots of eating! Heavy starchy food helps lessen the headache effects.

I was a single dad for 16 years, and put on a lot of weight during that time. A lot of bad food choices were made… Eating helped with the headaches, helped me deal with depression, and the kids enjoyed going out to eat.

After the kids were grown and moved out, I quit working at 48 and moved to the Philippines. Now I live on a rice field 20 Km from the city, and 1 Km from the beach. I am not sure what helped the most, the weather here, the slower lifestyle, or just finally no longer working, but something helped a lot. I still have my headache but the accompanying seizures are much better. Unfortunately with no longer working, I have put on more weight!

Since my health improved a little I figured I could start walking daily, if not full-on “working out”. My approach to food has changed. I try not to use the “diet” word because that brings up visions of a temporary starvation method, and short term weight loss. I am going for all things in moderation. Food is a tool. It is not intrinsically good or bad. Our choices, over time, will manifest in our body. So now I eat less, I eat better, and I exercise more. Oh, and I don’t drink my calories. It is as simple as that, and so far it has worked well. I have been at this for 3 months and lost 12 kilos so far, and have 17 to go!

The hardest part is convincing my wife not to cook certain things for me anymore. Today at the wet market she bought some plantains, tapioca, and cane sugar… to make this syrupy pudding’ish dish (I have no idea of the name). I tasted a spoonful, said it was good, and told her to give it to the cousins living next door!

Since I emigrated to the Philippines almost 4 years ago, I have some fun areas to walk in. I decided to vlog about it on YouTube. Anyway, the hope is with people on YouTube, and Facebook, encouraging me, maybe it will help me stay focused? We shall see. 🙂

Here is a link to my YouTube weight loss playlist. I hope to add videos often.