This is the last installment of the old Cancun Facebook narrative.  I just wanted to copy it over here to start off my blog because Facebook Notes is not a very good blog system. (It probably wasn’t designed as one so it is ok.)  So now we will see if I ever find anything else to write about or if this blog just wastes away into the void….

Cancun Day 7 The quest for pizza
by Tim Tukaram Spotswood on Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 1:11am
Cancun Day 7 The quest for pizza

I woke up and still didn’t know what I was going to do today. That is true everyday; but today I didn’t have any plans either.

I wake around 9:00 and have some chips and queso for breakfast (what do you mean queso is not in the spell check dictionary?). I’m now having chips and queso for a midnight snack.

Around 10:00 I decide it is time to go to the Flamingo Market. I went there on day 1 but it was pretty late and most of the shops had already closed. But they had some great looking classic cars inside for a car show. I go and take pictures of all the cars. One of the vendors I talked to was telling me that all the cars belong to a single owner. Quite a collection of cars. They started in the early 1950’s and went up into the 70’s (with one Viper but we’re ok with that) Fords, Mercedes, T-Birds, Jaguars, all kinds of great stuff, even a Match 1. The car said Mach 1 but the info sheet said Match (I’m easily amused).

While at the market I decide to check out Lapiz jewelry store, on the recommendation of the concierge. They have a guard at the door to let you in. Downstairs you sign in and get a visitors badge. Once upstairs you get a salesperson to escort you. It is a gorgeous circular showroom and has a mezzanine with guards watching the sales floor. Nice place. They have got some really nice stuff, and they make it all onsite. After I was done shopping (I didn’t spend too much) I went downstairs to sign out and saw one of the craftsmen was working at his workbench. I watched in amazement when I saw this jewel encrusted ring he was making. I love watching a good craftsman work. (ok! Craftsperson… whatever.)

The other mall I wanted to go to, La Isla, is only about a kilometer away so I walk down there, checking out the sites along the way. It is easier to think in kilometers here because all the addresses are by the kilometer markings (like Orlo Bronson’s mile marker in Kissimee). I saw some people get on the bus after I left Flamingo and get off at La Isla. They should have walked and saved 7.5 pesos (about 50 cents). I just walked for fun, not because I am cheap. Anyway, I had a nice walk but the Thai place I wanted to eat lunch at doesn’t open until 5:30 PM. (they say 1730 because they use a more reasonable clock). I get on the bus and go down to the disco zone (like 5 k so I ain’t walking). First thing, of course, a cabbie says he can get me what I’m looking for (a whore). I laugh and say nope, I’m looking for pizza. He laugh’s and says it’s down the street on the left (I know where domino’s is). When I get to domino’s I accidentally cross the street and up back at La B Del M. I want another mojito. Black beans and a yellow rice for lunch (bay leaves and beer rice). I get a great dessert. Some kind of goats milk curd sweet with goats milk caramel over it (the only good caramel comes from goats milk in case you didn’t know that yet).

I head back to the hotel after lunch. As we approach the hotel I decide to go on down the road to a very small archeological site and see the ruins. It must be small because it is only like 3 pesos to get in (about 25 cents). I get there at 4:35, they close at 4:30. From what I can see from the hill overlooking it I didn’t really miss much but it still would have been fun because they are excavating still.

Across the street is a great view of the Caribbean side. By the way one side of the street is Caribbean, the other is lagoon. The hotel strip is a long skinny island (looks like it used to be a sandbar). The beach is away from the hotels and seems to be all locals. I buy water out of a guy’s trunk, tie my shoes to my messenger bag, and start walking down the beach. Periodically I confuse folks by asking what hotel I was at. I use their beach showers to wet my hat and keep walking. They all seem to be easily confused. About 3 kilometers later and I’m back at my hotel. I took about 45 minutes because the sand is pretty difficult to walk on, it is loose and you sink pretty deep with each step. Somehow they have this magical sand that doesn’t get hot. It was boiling hot out today and the sand was very cool still. Mayan magic no doubt. Actually they import their sand just like Waikiki beach does (Waikiki gets theirs from Australia).

I go up and pack (sob) and then go down to the disco strip to see if my snake guy from Saturday is there. Everyone says he is there every night but I haven’t seen him again all week. I go into Carlos and Charlie’s but it was too loud for dinner (if it’s too loud you’re too old). So I finally get to Domino’s and find that their pizza is way better than in Dallas. Can’t really say how it’s better, it just is. (probably the cheese?) No snake guy yet. The street is only two lanes each way and trucks full of marines have one lane blocked for some reason. There is also extra regular cop cars, and a bunch of the tourist police. Are we expecting trouble tonight? The one club I was considering is Dady O’s because Friday they play 80’s music. But they don’t open until 10:30 and my van is coming at 6:30 in the morning to take me to the airport. No snake guy yet. I go into the Forum mall and go up to the third floor to the balcony snack bar.

They have he best ocean view I’ve found. The curve of the island is just perfect here so you don’t see the other hotels. I’m just looking out over the black ocean. Right under the balcony the light blue waves break over the rocks and some of the salt spray makes it up to the balcony. The sky is black, the ocean blacker. There is a single light from a ship near the horizon. After about 20 minutes a light rain begins to fall. Behind me I can barely hear the craziness on the street, but ocean sounds easily block it. It is my best night of the whole trip. What a beautiful ending of a wonderful day.

As I head downstairs the light rain gets real heavy, real quick. All the street partiers scatter like cockroaches (so do the cops and vendors). No snake guy yet. I stop into an Oxxo market for a Coke and grab the bus back to hotel.

They did not turn down my bed. Do you know what that means? First, it means I have overstayed my welcome, but more importantly it means I don’t get the mints on my pillow tonight. Such is life.

So now it is now 1:00 AM and the van is picking me up at 6:30 so I’d better get little sleep.

Good night and good luck.

Colleen Flanagan Luna sorry about the mints…hope you slept good anyway 🙂
June 13, 2009 at 5:26am ·
Sandhya Patel sad. save journey home. …. find a ‘fine wafer mint’
June 13, 2009 at 8:37am