Cancun Day 6
by Tim Tukaram Spotswood on Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 11:27pm
Cancun Day 6

Boy what a goof off day this turned out to be! That is ok for a vacation though.

I got up and went down to the breakfast buffet. It was much better the other day, because it was free. Today I paid the real price of $250 pesos (about $20 USD). But it was still pretty good, even if it wasn’t free.

Then I sat under a palapa at the pool and watched the parasailers. And caught up on some reading (Gorky Park). I was considering going parasailing but I already rinsed the salt water out of my swim suit so I don’t really see it happening. And I’m about out of cash. (you know I spent it all on cocaine and hookers).

Went upstairs to my room for lunch. The food from La Bodeguita Del Medio is good even as leftovers. Did you know I don’t have a fork in my room? I hadn’t really thought about until today, at lunch. Luckily beans, rice, and yucca pieces are pretty easy finger food. And I got caught up in some movie I never heard of. It was pretty bad, all the way to the end (I had too much time invested to give up on it).

So now it is about 4:00 and time for my big big plans for the day… a trip to Wal Mart! I need to buy a bag to bring my crap home. I packed a small bag but it turns out it is too small. My Spanish worked well enough to ask where it was. Point at your bag and say “like this but grande, and not campismo”. Roughly a bag, bigger than this, not for camping (I didn’t want to buy a big backpack). She took me right to the suitcases. I looked all over for them. No wonder I couldn’t them. It is ½ an aisle, in a corner, past the baby food. I get the impression that people in Cancun don’t travel much. Makes sense really. We all want to come here, they are already here. Why would they go anywhere? Oh, it was a very clean store. The staff was friendly and helpful. The Wal Mart by my house is dirty , crowded, and they don’t want to talk to you then act like you should speak Spanish.

During some aimless wandering I see a small (and I mean small) poster with a picture of Krishna and says something about ‘100% vegetarian’. So I go into this tiny joint and it turns out to be Govinda’s restaurant, Hare Krsna restaurant. Why are so many named Govinda? With all these restaurants Govinda should be fatter than Buddha. Really good food though. Broccoli pakora, rice, something red, chickpea and spinach soup, some jello’ish dish with fresh fruit in it(Jell-o is not vegetarian- jell-o has gelatin). Hey they actually made broccoli taste good. That’s very tough to do. I sat around there for a while chatting. They had tons of questions about the Dallas and Houston temples. How could I forget! An incredible salad. Equal parts of lettuce, carrots, and something whitish (not radish though). It was all shredded and had cucumbers slices on top with an avocado dressing. Best part of the whole meal.

Wandered around the downtown market and it was as dead as every other time I’ve been downtown. Once it got dark I was heading home and passed through the disco area of downtown. Really dead, seems to be locals only and not many of them.

I was lucky and got an air conditioned bus. During the bus ride home we passed thru the hotel zone disco area. It was pretty busy, not quite as busy as last night but pretty good. I was almost tempted to get out and wander the club area but didn’t think my chances of getting another air conditioned bus were very good.

No drinks but I got a really nice bag. What a productive day. But it wasn’t as boring as it sounds.

Tomorrow is my last day here and I have no what to do.

Good night and good luck.

Tim Tukaram Spotswood Oh I also sat on some steps and drank a Coke. How could I leave that out?
June 11, 2009 at 11:28pm
Colleen Flanagan Luna after such a busy day yesterday you needed some down time!!
June 12, 2009 at 7:40am ·
Tim Tukaram Spotswood I have even less planned for today. I’m jonesing for some pizza though…
June 12, 2009 at 10:06am ·