I will be copying my ramblings from my Cancun vacation 2009.  Posted originally on Facebook..  My family and friends did a little bit of comment chatting so I will try to leave the comments intact as well.


Do I just look like I want cocaine? I mean Cancun Day 3

by Tim Tukaram Spotswood on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 2:04am

Do I just look like I want cocaine? I mean Cancun Day 3

Day 3? Day 3?? I’m gonna die and run out of money, not necessarily in that order.

(oh my this one got long, oh well it was a great day. Don’t read if you don’t want… this just writerbation anyway)

Today was zip line tour day! Yes it was as amazing as it sounded. It was about an hour bus ride out to the place. Like 7 hotel stops, I was #3. There were about 20 or 25 people in our group. First thing when we get there they are giving us our schedule: A 2 mile zip line tour above the jungle canopy. A jeep ride to a cenote to swim, then back for lunch… at which point every single one of us interrupted them and said we were supposed to have a mountain bike ride to the cenote. She apologized and said the tour agencies were no longer supposed to sell the bike tour anymore but lucky for us the jeep “extreme’ tour is more expensive so we got a great deal. When did a jeep ride down the street become more extreme than a 1 mile bike ride through the jungle? I informed her that their own website still says bike ride. Good news though that was the only hiccup in the whole day.

So time to go on the zip lines! Since we need both hands for the line we can’t take cameras with us (there go my video plans). But you know that also means they will take pics to sell us. So we go get our harnesses. Jungleboy was my staff helper buddy. He asked if it was my first time to do zip lines. I said yes and he said it was his first time too. So I said that was cool, we could learn together… but he goes first. He seemed to like that and gave me hell all day. As soon as we get suited up they give us some parrots and take our picture (I told you they would try to sell us pics). I bought one. Sometimes you have to.

After a quick, funny, and mostly wrong, demonstration we go climb the first tower. (sit back, knees up, ankles crossed, left hand holding the harness strap, the right hand holding the cable behind you to steer and brake – sounds like a director in a porn movie). It was about 11 transfer towers, not one long ride (wow that would long). The first two were pretty short and not too steep. Then they got realllllly long and some were crazy steep. They seemed a bit worried about me at first. I was not the largest but I was the oldest. They seemed to think that could be a bad combination but I quickly proved them wrong! The only problem was that I wouldn’t brake until right had by the landing platform (I didn’t think it was a problem). Some of the others were coming in hot too. Then it got to be a competition to see who go the fastest.

On one tower a staff member said I had to ride upside down. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Forget the sitting rules. Both hands on the harness, pick up your knees until you get top heavy and flip upside down, now let go of the harness and flail about like a monkey as you hurdle through the air! Once I was in position they shoved off the platform and started yelling “Wait! Wait for me!!” (they do that on purpose of course) He quickly jumped off and caught me about half way to the next platform and started spinning me in circles. I smacked the tops of a couple trees and had a wonderful ride. I never got a chance to do the superman though. That is when they clip the back of you harness and you lay on your stomach. They ride behind you holding your ankles up so you are in a flying position. Most of us did one or the other. One of the ladies that did both said the upside was much better, which is why I picked it.

One of the last rides was very short but super steep. They said we had to start braking halfway down or we would never stop in time. Yeah, right. Most of us came in barely braking at all. I didn’t know my tennis shoes would squeal like car tires!

Lots of towers, lots of fun.

So on to the cenote. It was pretty cool. So deep you couldn’t get to the bottom but since I swim like a rock I didn’t jump off the cliff or ride/jump the zip line (it had a higher drop than the cliff). I went down the ladder and jumped off the bottom rung. I was not the only one. Really cool water, but a bit green. They say don’t drink the water in Mexico… We all hope this doesn’t count.

About now most of us were glad we didn’t ride the bikes! Could have ridden the segeway but that was $10 extra. No one rode them. (they had mountain bike tires and looked funnier than usual.

Lunch was good. I told them that I was a vegetarian so don’t put the fajitas on my plate. The little old lady in the itchen quickly made me a great salad to go with my beans and rice. They said the fajitas were either monkey or chihuahua, but don’t worry it all taste like chicken.

Then a 45 minute bus ride back to my hotel, somehow a faster trip. Monkeyboy hitched a ride back to town and amused us all the way.

Quick shower, a little chain mail weaving, and off to downtown. Markets are still empty, everyone cancelled their trips because of the swine flu. Idiots. Bought myself a new belt. The guy seemed pissed about the final price. Which means he would have gone lower and I would have paid more, about right I think. Almost every shop tried to sell me pot and/or cocaine. Do I just look like I want cocaine? Don’t answer that.

The hotel zone is all giant hotels, lots of clubs, neon, and noise. Downtown is much quieter, and has more locals than tourist. I like downtown better. But it was too touristy for my mood today so I started walking. And walking. And walking. I got about 3 miles from the main drag and ended up in a barrio. Felt like Tonga and the Philippines. I find a nice bar (no A/C, peeling paint, bad sound system, poor lighting, no white people). Great place for a rest. Really cheap drinks, like cheaper than the OXXO (their 7-11). The waitresses English was worse than my Spanish but got it all worked out. When I need it somehow I speak more Spanish than I thought. A lady promptly helped herself to a seat with me and offered some companionship. Do I just look like an old horn dog? Don’t answer that. She went from $100 to $40 quickly. I declined but bought her a beer. I just can’t justify spending that much money for 13 ½ seconds of fun (ok I exaggerate, but it would be embarrassing to admit to 3 ½ seconds). Just tell them you only have $15 and they leave you alone, this time it was true, I only had $190 pesos ($15 USD). She spoke almost no English and my basic Spanish failed too. So I drank my coke, she drank her beer and we checked each others tonsils a bit.

Start the day on zip lines end it kissing some stranger… it is vacation right?

Enough appetizer, time for dinner (about 10:00). She got me a taxi back to the main strip for only 20 pesos, it would have cost me at least 100 pesos ($8). I had to go to 100% natural again. This time a burger, fries (of a sort), and water, not bottled. You must live life with gusto (the concierge said all the water was safe so why the hell not?). Ate half and brought the rest back for breakfast.

Wandered around a bit then back to the hotel about midnight. The pyramid lights were off and the lobby was so dark I thought the hotel was closed.

Damn! I just realized I didn’t eat my pillow chocolates while writing this tome. The day is ruined!! I will just have to do it all again tomorrow *^.^*

Good night and good luck.

Colleen Flanagan Luna Sounds like a big day!! Glad you are having a great time!! I told the boy again to sign up but he said you can tell him all about it when you get home!!

    • June 9, 2009 at 7:02am

Colleen Flanagan Luna I was thinking….if they tell you not to drink the water…don’t you think they should also warn you against strange women??? I would feel safer with the water 🙂

June 9, 2009 at 10:04pm ·