I will be copying my ramblings from my Cancun vacation 2009.  Posted originally on Facebook..  My family and friends did a little bit of comment chatting so I will try to leave the comments intact as well.


Cancun Day 2

by Tim Tukaram Spotswood on Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 11:28pm

Cancun Day 2

Nothing but goofing off today, it is supposed to be a vacation you know. We had a free breakfast this morning while the concierge staff explained about a bunch of tours and services. Not a pushy sales meal, it was a casual and helpful breakfast. My concierge, Corola, has been very helpful. (you can use any of the staff but with almost 700 rooms it is better to use the same ones). I have a pre-paid tour tomorrow… after my Orbitz rep never showed up I had Corola help me contact the tour company and we got it all worked out. (Note to self- Never ever use Orbitz for anything again.)

I took a bus into town (about 20 minutes) and wandered around looking for lunch. I was aiming for 100% Natural, a very vegetarian friendly chain of restaurants in Mexico (think Whole Foods or Central Market but with good food). I wandered about 30-45 minutes but didn’t really use the map. Did you know guide maps don’t work if you don’t open them? Anyway after wandering aimlessly I ended up about where I started and had an amazing lunch! (5 minutes from the bus stop, but it was fun). I drank an Oasis, an orange, pineapple, strawberry smoothie. I ordered some goat cheese bread for an appetizer and soy fajita tacos for lunch. The portions were crazy big so guess what I had for dinner? Under $10 for two big meals. The eating in Cancun has been going very well so far.

Now it is time for some shopping… The markets were pretty slow today, I don’t know where the tourists are today. But even with few shoppers the vendors would not deal at all. Like I’m going to pay $7.50 for a t-shirt? One shop in particular started at $300 pesos and wouldn’t even go $250 (won’t go from $24 down to $19 USD, what kind of bargaining is that?) So I bought a bunch of Mexican market junk anyway, if you’ve been anywhere in Mexico you know what I mean… it’s all the same. I also got a lot more drug offers and a few offers from girls (and one I’m pretty sure wasn’t a real girl). Do they think a single man is only interested in drugs and hookers? “blankets, shoes, panchos, ganga, my cousin…” I would politely decline and continue shopping.

A well deserved (and horribly needed) shower and it is time for dinner. You know, the last taco and two slices of goat cheeses bread. It was, of course, hygienically transported, in a plastic bag all day (plastic will not allow germs to grow even at 90 degrees).

Downstairs to the jazz bar for dessert (drinks). Big chaise lounges, couches, beds (some kind of queen size chaise lounge?). You lay around eating dried fruits and nuts, drinking hurricanes, and listening to some live jazz. Not to shabby.

That was it except I saw how gorgeous this place is when it gets dark and the glass tops of all 5 ziggurats lights up. I will see if it photographs well.

Must get some sleep because tomorrow is the jungle canopy tour. Two miles of zip lines, some mountain biking and cenote swimming. I must get tons of pics tomorrow. (Tue is goof off, Wed is a whole day at Xel Ha, somewhere this week I may have to see about parasailing maybe?)

Good night and good luck.


Tim Tukaram Spotswood
Bad web site for a park, but in case you didn’t know what a cenote was here it is.

June 7, 2009 at 11:30pm ·

Colleen Flanagan Luna enjoy your tour today!! and remember we swam in a cenote while at the ruins!! was very kewl!! you will like it!!