I will be copying my ramblings from my Cancun vacation 2009.  Posted originally on Facebook..  My family and friends did a little bit of comment chatting so I will try to leave the comments intact as well.

Cancun Day 5… Or I shouldn’t have had those last 5 daiquiris

by Tim Tukaram Spotswood on Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 2:01am

Cancun Day 5 Or I shouldn’t have had those last 5 daiquiris

So today was Xel-Ha. It is an incredible all-inclusive park. It is a very pretty bay (salt water, of course) with a very cold fresh water river feeding into it. That makes for some fun snorkeling. You get about half way across the bay and the temp changes quick, so you know the river is merging. Now it is very hard to swim across the bay. The river current is pushing you out of the bay. But they have a floating bridge spanning the ends of the bay so you can’t get carried out to sea. They have cenotes, beaches, a rope bridge, lots of snorkeling, mountain bike trail, a spa, dolphins, manatees, hammocks, 3 restaurants, countless bars. And did I mention the spa? So anyway we have a 90 minute bus ride to the park. Real fun guides on the bus, to keep it interesting.

When they say all-inclusive they mean it. When we get there they are serving breakfast, (free) which is a good thing because we left to early for breakfast. 98% of the buffet had meat of some sort but the pancakes were good, they didn’t have syrup but the Nutella made up for it.

Immediately after eating I go snorkeling. Our guide told us to check out our gear before we eat to avoid long lines (very good advice). Mask, snorkel, and fins usage is also free (included… whatever). I snorkeled for about 10 minutes and had to clear my mask and snorkel at least 2 dozen times. So I go to my locker and get mine, I am very glad I brought mine. The fins were interesting; I’ve never really used them before. At first they were just weird and in the way. But real quick I decided I like them. I get across the bay and find the entrance to the cave. A pretty cool little cave. After about 2 hours of snorkeling I figure I should at least look around the park.

I go ahead and shower and change, I’m about done with swimming for one day. After my shower I wander around… straight to the spa for a half body massage (not included but only $20 USD). Daiquiri #1. Wander around the park checking it all out and getting a bunch of iguana pics. Look a lighthouse, hey a floating bridge, wow European men really pee just anywhere.

Past the cenotes and the entrance to the sort-of-lazy river I finally get to the bikes. (the semi lazy river is actually moving pretty darn quickly into the bay) Grab a bike off the rack and take off. I don’ care what they say but a hard hat that doesn’t even have a chin strap is not a bicycle helmet. Daiquiri #2.

Now it is time for lunch. The same spot as breakfast and they have even more meat than at breakfast. Daiquiri #3.


The other restaurant has better choices. Wandering over to the dolphin area. Daiquiri’s #4 and 5. Swimming with the dolphins would be an extra $140 USD, which is actually a pretty good price compared to most places. I watch other people swim with them, after they sang la cucaracha and the dolphin does his version of dancing.

Hey a bar. Daiquiri #6. Time to leave. It really is a very cool place and easily worth the price ($100 USD. Ouch) You know the little Mexican girls that follow you selling bracelets one dollar, bracelets one dollar, bracelets one dollar… Well Sunday they had one with a cool color scheme I bought. It got lost somewhere at the park.

I had enough to eat at the park so I don’t want dinner but would like to the strip to see what’s up. I ask the concierge to recommend a nice bar not filled with 18 year olds, and with a view of the crazy street. He recommends a Cuban place La Bodeguita Del Mojita. When I got there I see it a place I’ve noticed every night. Valet parking, the hostess stand almost blocks the door, and a bunch of well dressed Cubans. It didn’t look very inviting. Turns out they are super friendly. Before you get to your table they hand you a mojita, a traditional drink, a made with lemon juice, sugar, soda water, rum, and a bunch of mint leaves. It reminds me of on of the drinks at the temple (except with rum).

Hemingway loved the place in Habana. He had great taste I restaurants.

I wasn’t going to eat but I love Cuban food. The waiter recommends fried yucca, white rice, and black beans (order separately, the beans and rice has pork). Wow the portions are huge, so guess what’s for lunch tomorrow. The band is playing a sort of salsa music, more Ricky Ricardo music really. The manager comes for a visit checking to see that everything is ok. He says it is now my home and I can stay as long as I want. I bother the waiter again for a drink recommendation. I want something with fruit or fruit juice, not frozen, no tequila. He brings me a Caipirinha. Soda water, squished limes, sugar, and rum. Like a limeade with a kick. I end up camping for about 2 hours, but there a lot folks that were there before me and still here.

My mom and dad went to Cuba in 1955 when she was very pregnant with Sheila. He actually was doing well enough in a job that the company took them to Cuba. He told me a bunch of times how much he liked it. Of course with a good job and no kids yet it must be nice anyway. I want to go to Cuba on my next vacation. Damn politicians. I can go to Moscow but not Cuba?

Anyway. Fabulous restaurant, they need to open one in Dallas.

The dead disco strip… Boy what a difference one day can make! There are actually lines of folks to get into the clubs. The open air clubs are packed and crazy too. Why didn’t I come here 20 years ago? Aleena can’t come here for at least 20 years.

Finally about midnight I go home. I almost fell off the toilet so I will take my shower in the morning (what an embarrassing way to die). Maybe tomorrow night I will go downtown and see if it got busy too. And not drink so much. (*.*)

Good night and good luck.


Colleen Flanagan Luna for a guy that does not drink……. 🙂  I can’t blame you I love mojitos!!

June 11, 2009 at 5:59am ·


Tim Tukaram Spotswood Yeah, it’s a ‘welcome drink’ but was the most expensive item I bought. Well, because the food is priced as individual items.

June 11, 2009 at 1:16pm ·


Trina Weaver Sounds like you’re having a great time. Good story!

June 11, 2009 at 3:18pm ·


Aleena Marie Spotswood ‎… you were the one about to buy me a ticket to go!

June 11, 2009 at 3:34pm ·


Tim Tukaram Spotswood Too late now Sita!

June 11, 2009 at 10:12pm ·