Cancun Day 4

by Tim Tukaram Spotswood on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 11:38pm
Cancun Day 4

The breakfast buffet here pretty good. Honestly it rivals the Sunday brunch at Blue Mesa. There are tons of fruits with various yogurty sauces to put on. The muesli is super! Anyway today was the first day I was here for breakfast. Not too shabby for $9.

Then I had to walk all the over to the pool… like out the door and down a flight of steps. I was hoping to not have to do that much today. I got a nice palapa by the pool, with a great ocean view. (the spell checker wants to turn palapa into papaya) I sat there for a few hours. See the pictures of my feet for a graphic demonstration of the first half of the day.

I made a couple chain mail bracelets while checking out the waves. The hotel is filled with mostly South Americans and Europeans. Not too many from the U.S.. A few of the Europeans stopped and watched me, and asked some questions. But tons of the South Americans wanted to know what I was doing, how I do it, can I try it on etc… The usual questions you get in public just a whole lot more of it with fewer people.

Went to my room for lunch and laid around a few hours watching terrible movies. Then decided I needed to go to the strip for dinner. So I end up back on the bus, I was supposed to stay here all day but that just ain’t happening. Hey I stayed here until almost 6:00.

Now that the weekend is over the markets are really dead. Actually the whole town is empty. My concierge said they are going into crisis mode. So the vendors are finally starting to haggle again. They will take whatever they can get. I was looking at some fish I wanted to hang in the bathroom, the other day he wanted $300 pesos for a set of 3. He wouldn’t even take $250. I’ve looked around and he is the only one I’ve seen with them made of wood. Everyone else has the same ceramic ones. So I’m looking at two different sets trying to decide. It’s the only two, and same two, he’s had since Saturday. The way stuff was piled around them I don’t think anyone even touched them since Sat when he wouldn’t sell them to me. He wanted $300 pesos for each set, plus there a larger fish that matched one of the sets, it was $100 pesos by itself. Since I couldn’t decide he told me to give him a price for all of them. His price would be $700 so I decided to offer him the same $250 he didn’t take Sat for one set. Now we all know he will go crazy and tell me all about his sick children and such. Then the real haggling might begin… So he says ‘$250 for which pieces?’ I told him for all of it. He says ‘show me the money’ which means the haggling is over. So I got 7 fish for the same price I tried to buy 3 for. It is more than I need but now I can pick which ones get used. It is nice to have options.

Oh yeah this is a dinner trip. I got distracted. If you ever need some cheap and wonderful enchiladas Margarita & Marijuana is worth the trip to Cancun just for dinner. I had cheese enchiladas with a bean sauce. It was like really, really watered down beans run through a blender… but much better than that sounds. Before dinner one of the markets had free shots of tequila as an enticement to shop. (Hilo Hattie’s in Hawaii has juice) Anyway I don’t like tequila but had to give it a shot, er rather take a shot. Ok, bad idea. Luckily Margaritas & Marijuana has good daiquiris. The manager said I should try the pina colada. Since I have never had one I gave it a shot too. Eh, a bit coconutty for me but a couple daiquiris fixed me right up. I was the only customer (it’s like 7:00 and empty) so we chatted for a while. We talked a little on Sat when he waited on me. Since he remembered me that means I make a memorable impression or he hasn’t had any customers for my face to blend into. He said that 2 weeks ago Cancun was at only 17% of normal. I mean it’s pretty empty!

So after hanging out there for an hour or so I went and sat on a retaining wall outside the mall. I’m hoping the snake comes around tonight so I can get a pic with the python. He doesn’t show up so hopefully I’ll see him one of these nights. There are the rest of the usual tourist spot photo op folks, ‘statue’ people, costumed people, some kind of animal pictures (today it was a spider monkey. The spiderman and venom team do an incredible job. Really good costumes and they are great with the kids. I watched them terrorize small children for about 30 minutes, and some very suggestive poses with the ladies, (I like my retaining wall).

So it’s 9:00 and time for bed. I give up on snake man and have to get up real early tomorrow for my Xel-Ha trip. I had to teach a family how and where to catch the bus. Don’t bother trying to find a marked stop. They would have ended up walking back to their hotel. It’s an effective bus system you just have to move quickly sometimes. Get on quick and hold on. Get off quicker and get out of the way.

So today was a whole bunch of nothing. It was really nice.

Tomorrow sounds like fun though. A huge water park, with snorkeling, bike rides, dolphins, massage, reefs, caves, food, drinks. It’s all inclusive so we’ll see how it goes.

Good night and good luck.

    • Colleen Flanagan Luna Sounds like a wondeful day!!! very relaxing!! take lots of pics of the dolphins!!!

      June 10, 2009 at 5:16am ·

      Colleen Flanagan Luna I checked out the park…looks cool!!

      June 10, 2009 at 5:17am ·