I will be copying my ramblings from my Cancun vacation 2009.  Posted originally on Facebook..  My family and friends did a little bit of comment chatting so I will try to leave the comments intact as well.

Cancun Day 1

by Tim Tukaram Spotswood on Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 8:12am

Cancun-1st day.

Well the first day is pretty much travel. I got here but probably won’t use Orbitz again. Just not very good service and horrid communication.

So anyway the hotel is really nice. It is three giant ziggurats the rooms are on the inside walls, the main open area is lobby, shops, and restaurants downstairs and tropical jungle from the ceiling down. The turn down service with chocolates on the pillow is good. Chocolate before bed, you know I’m alright here.

(I keep dropping poblano peppers on the floor, luckily it is marble so the don’t make a mess, but I will try to be more careful.)

So I unpacked and go hop a bus to see if there is anyplace around here that sells food… big surprise there is a lot of places! I rode the bus towards town until I found something that looked interesting. I wandered around for a bit and decided it was not so fun an area so was time to move on and find someplace more interesting. Back on the bus (it’s really cheap, like 57 cents, so no worries on getting on and off) now I see tons of lights, clubs, people, so I get off the bus and see that it is a much better choice (I picked this area on my map as a definite place to go, and just happened upon it the first night.)

I go into an air conditioned mall/market. The first shop I go into the guy immediately says whatever he doesn’t have he can grow, he then proceeds to show me some pipes. I tell him I do not smoke so he asks if I need anything for my nose. I politely tell him I couldn’t possibly do that until after dinner. I didn’t tell him that I wouldn’t do it after dinner either… I didn’t wish to hurt his feelings. Who knows he could save my life later if I get attacked by snakes or something.

Wandering the streets… I get accosted by a big ass snake, python, I think. Very friendly, and he loved to be scratched under his chin. He was a bit heavy wrapped around me (wish I had my camera). Also he was a bit lumpy because he just ate a chicken for dinner. Girls were coming up and petting my snake (that just sounds dirty doesn’t it?). While wearing him I get to hear all about the wonders of snakes, and that everything on the Discovery Channel is a lie. I end paying the guy 20 pesos to take the snake back.

I end up at a restaurant called Margaritas and Marijuana. Regardless of the name I partook of neither. I did have a couple really good fresas daiquiris. I couldn’t actually taste any strawberry but that is not a bad thing really. They brought out chips and 3 salsas, a green tomato, a red tomato, and peanut salsa (if you ever had asian peanut sauce this ain’t it). For dinner I had some odd contrivance. It was a rectangular, thick, fried flour tortilla thing. It had beans, cheese, and whatever topping you picked. I had mushrooms, zucchini and poblanos. It wasn’t really nachos and it wasn’t really pizza. But it was really really good. Two drinks and dinner, not bad for 185 pesos (about $15)

After dinner I go wandering to see the sights. I get called over to an info booth (hey why not?) and it turns out to be for a club not a tour seller. They invite me to what they say is a great club. Only $15 dollar cover and I get my pick of girls for around $500. That seems to be an expensive purchase (well rental) for the first day so I politely decline. Hey the snake was free.

Overall a pretty fun first day.

Uh oh it is somehow 0030 and I have breakfast at 0900. Time to get 40 winks (and I do want to know where that term comes from… I better call Wayward Words on NPR next Friday)

Good night and good luck.


Colleen Flanagan Luna Glad to hear you made it safely!! What fun is on the agenda for Day 2??

June 7, 2009 at 8:16am ·


Tim Tukaram Spotswood Today I am having breakfast! That is as far as I have planned so far. Probably go to town and wander around, I hear there is a good vegan rest in town, not so veggie friendly a town, but I will survive. Tomorrow is a 2 mile zip line tour.

June 7, 2009 at 8:20am ·


Colleen Flanagan Luna you can eat fine…the beans prolly have lard…but cheese tacos are always good!!!

June 7, 2009 at 8:37am ·


Aleena Marie Spotswood I am sure that the beans at that vegan restaurant would not have lard… and would likely not have cheese tacos… lol

June 7, 2009 at 11:56am ·


Colleen Flanagan Luna

Forty used to be not only a precise number but also an indefinite term for a large number. There are frequent biblical references to ‘forty days’ that mean no more than ‘for a long time’, and because of this frequency the number 40 came to …have an almost sacrosanct quality. It is probably this sense, jocularly applied, that lies behind ‘forty winks’, a wink itself being a short spell of sleep

sounds likely???

June 7, 2009 at 6:49pm ·


Tim Tukaram Spotswood Good chance. I knew about the ’40 That is why everything in the bible seems to be on the same schedule (see all those years of seminary paid off) I didn’t know a wink was a short nap but that sounds feasible. (didn’t sleep a wink? right)

June 7, 2009 at 8:48pm ·


Colleen Flanagan Luna

so…waiting with bated breath for the next installment….hope to see it in the am.


(The expression “bated breath” appears in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, but the origin of the idiom “waiting with bated breath” is lost in the dark past of our language)See More

June 7, 2009 at 10:09pm ·


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